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       As you stand on the brink of forever, one of the most intimate and cherished moments awaits: the exchange of vows. While traditional vows hold their own charm, most of my couples  choose to personalize this moment by writing their own vows. If you’re considering taking this heartfelt plunge, here’s a guide on how to infuse your vows with the essence of your love story, using 10 simple steps.


1. The Spark of Our Meeting:

   Think back to that moment when your eyes first met, when the world seemed to pause, and everything shifted. Reflect on the emotions that surged within you—the fluttering of your heart, the excitement, perhaps even a touch of nervousness. Share these feelings with your partner, painting a vivid picture of the magic that ignited when your paths crossed.

2. Knowing It’s Forever:

   There comes a point in every love story when you realize that this person isn’t just a passing chapter but a lifelong companion. Recount the moments or the gradual realization that affirmed your belief in forever. Whether it was a shared dream, a comforting presence in times of need, or a simple knowing in your heart, express the depth of your commitment with unwavering certainty.

3. Shared Laughter, Shared Joy:

   Laughter is the melody that dances through the rhythm of our lives together. Reflect on the moments of sheer joy, the inside jokes, and the shared laughter that have become the soundtrack of your relationship. Highlight the joy that your partner brings into your life, the way they effortlessly lift your spirits and fill your days with sunshine.

4. The Heart of What I Love:

   Take a moment to bask in the glow of your partner’s essence. What is it about them that captivates you, that makes your heart skip a beat? Is it their kindness, their unwavering support, or the way they see you for who you truly are? Share these qualities with your partner, expressing your love and admiration in words as pure as the love you feel.

5. The Alchemy of Us:

   Every successful partnership is built on a foundation of understanding, compromise, and unwavering support. Reflect on the unique dynamics that make your relationship thrive—the balance of strengths and weaknesses, the shared goals, and the unwavering commitment to each other’s growth. Acknowledge the challenges you’ve overcome together and the strength you’ve gained as a result.

6. Memorable Moments:

  Think back to those epic moments that made your relationship what it is today. You know, the ones that still give you the warm fuzzies when you think about them. Whether it’s that wild adventure or that cozy night in, reminisce about the good times that brought you closer.

7. Future Vibes:

   Picture your future together, babes. Where do you see yourselves? What adventures are on the horizon? Share your dreams and hopes for the future, and the life you want to build together.

8. Guiding Each Other:

   So, how are you gonna navigate this  life together? Talk about the ways you’ll have each other’s backs through thick and thin. Whether it’s supporting each other’s dreams or being there to laugh off the tough times, lay down the game plan for being the ultimate power couple.

9. Promises Straight from the Heart:

   Time to make the real promises, my friend. What are you gonna swear to your partner on your big day? Whether it’s promising to always share your snacks or to be there through all the highs and lows, let your promises come straight from the heart, there is no such thing as being to “mushy” or lovey dovey on your wedding day… if you feel it, say it!

10. Practice, Practice, Practice:

 Once you’ve written your vows, practice reciting them out loud. Pay attention to your tone, pace, and delivery. Time yourself reading your vows aloud at a comfortable pace, you can pass along your time to your partner and photographer/officiant so everyone is on the same page timewise and the day flows smoothly.

I guide my couples through the vow writing process and so many things in between! Reach out here if this sounds like the experience you want for your elopement day!

As you embark on the journey of writing your own vows, remember that this is your opportunity to speak from the heart, to share your love story with the world, and to make promises that will guide you through a lifetime of love and laughter. Embrace the process, trust in the power of your words, and let your love shine through every vow you make. After all, in the end, it’s the promises we keep that truly define the strength of our love.

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