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Elopements are SELFISH!

Is that something you’ve heard from family and friends, or maybe even something you’ve said to yourself? That is a fairly common misconception I’ve heard about Elopements. And it’s one that I honestly don’t understand. Some people seem to think that eloping just the two of you to intimately make the vow of a lifetime sounds selfish. Their reasoning behind that is that your family and friends have a right to be a part of your wedding day, but the truth is the only people who have a right to be at the wedding are you and the one you are marrying. I absolutely believe that elopements are the best way to get married! My heart is to see couples tie the knot the exact way they want to, a day that includes everything they want and nothing they don’t… traditions be damned!

To me, an elopement is about stripping away all the production and fuss of a big wedding. No seating charts to agonize over, napkins to fold, and pleasing everyone in your family (I’m talking about you, Aunt Karen!) You are able to focus on what really matters- the two of you, committing to spend the rest of your lives adventuring side by side, hand in hand.

Also, if we are talking about being selfish, which one of these two scenarios below do you think fits that term best?…

1. The two of you spending the day together doing things you love and then saying your vows in a mossy glen in Scotland, and then sharing the news when you return home.


2. Having a typical wedding bash where your wedding party is expected to buy expensive outfits they will only wear once, as well as buy you a present from your registry, and chip in for and attend bachelor + bachelorette parties and trips?

This is not to throw any kind of shade at traditional weddings in the slightest. I just want you to have the wedding YOU want, not just going with a wedding because it’s expected. If you are looking for ways to include loved ones in your elopement plans without them being physically present, you can read that blog here!

If you choose to elope, you can…

  • Shift your focus to the heart of the matter: You and your partner coming together to make a lifelong vow.
  • Shed the stress, anxiety, and pressures of a big performance or production.
  • Create a wedding day that intimately reflects who the two of you are.
  • Choose one another above everything else and have a “just us” wedding experience.

So, in case you need permission from someone to get married exactly how you want… this is your permission slip to get married the way that feels best for you and your partner, whatever that looks like for you. This is your wedding day, and the only people you need to please are yourselves! I am passionate about empowering my couples to make the wedding decisions that make them feel the best, and I am always in their corner to support them through the entire process so you never feel like you are in it alone.

You’ve got this, babes, you can ELOPE!

If you are ready to plan your best elopement day, hit me up HERE.

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